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Sandwich menus: A taste explosion

As a specialist in sandwich menus for the Brussels business community, we have devised the most appropriate concepts in order to offer you a broad spectrum of options.

We propose open or closed sandwiches, on a variety of different breads, with a wide selection of toppings.

Each sandwich menu represents a veritable meal, as much by its quantity as by the quality and freshness of its ingredients.

  • The ‘traditional’ buffet

  • A selection of different breads, topped with local and traditional items, all of artisanal production; quiches; salad; spelt bread, rye, sourdough, traditional rolls, all from artisanal bakeries, and baked on stone.

    This menu includes a simple dessert with a ‘traditional’ feel, such as caramel flan, apple or rhubarb pastry, chocolate cake, nut tartlet...
  • The ‘classic’ sandwich buffet

  • A selection of different preparations of topped breads, attractively presented in baskets and on trays.

    • Brioche half-sandwiches
    • Closed rolls in a basket
    • Swiss-rolled sliced bread with smoked salmon
    • Toasted club sandwich
    • friand farci à l’italienne
    • pain surprise (minimum 30 invités)
    • gâteaux réduction

  • ‘Crustless bread’ sandwich buffet

  • Composed of different sorts of sliced bread in classic ‘afternoon tea’ triangles, as well as waldcorn bread, rustic, and Finnish breads... presented as Swiss-rolls and closed sandwiches. Topped with cheese, meat, and fish.
    Served with 2 mini-cakes per person.
    For a supplement, mini cakes can be replaced with individual desserts.
Or else: an assortment of closed sandwiches in a basket, or platters of half- sandwiches, or different options associated with verrines, crudités, or desserts.

Full details of these menus are available in our tariff.
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